Member of the Alberta Association of Ag Societies (AAAS)

Annual General Meeting for the Colchester Ag Society is December 1, 2024 at 1pm at the Colchester Hall, 23219 Twp Road 520, Sherwood Park. All are welcome but please email by Nov 20 if attending as meeting will include lunch.

Next meeting: Sunday September 8, 2024, 630pm Colchester Hall, 23219 Twp 520, Sh Park.

The Colchester & District Agricultural Society supports:

 Scholarships for the farrier programs at Olds and Lakeland Colleges.

 South Cooking Lake Community League breakfast at trail days.

 Colchester Community League, sponsoring events and initiatives including the Edible Forest.

 Therapeutic Horseback Riding at Shiloh Youth Ranch and Paints-Plus Equine Center.

 Strathcona District 4-H new members welcome dinner.

 Invasive Species Council

 Rural Garden Planning

Colchester & District Agricultural Society

For residents that live in or around the Strathcona County area in Alberta, Canada

Fultonvale Outdoor Arena is where our horse shows are can be booked for horse events.